World Leader in Camouflage Cosmetics


Some of  the Greatest Inventors in History were Women!

Do you know who invented the first Foundation Makeup, Solar Home Heating system, or Liquid Paper?  

Lydia O'Leary's career choices were limited by the fact that a severe port-wine birthmark covered half her face. So she created a makeup foundation that would cover it. In 1932, Covermark was awarded the first & only patent for a make-up foundation by U.S.  Patent & Trade Mark Office. She founded the Covermark Corporation (now an international company), and her make-up foundations continue to benefit people with birthmarks, scars and other facial & body blemishes and discolourations. 

Lydia O'Leary (above)

Today, the Covermark brand still stands as the world leading cosmetic camouflage make-up. Double-Take Cover a Melbourne based company; now has the privilege of providing these unique products to Australians, nation wide.  

We are here to help. Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions about our products or their application. We would love to hear from you about your skin camouflage story if you would like to share.   

1949 New York