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Covermark Magic-Eye Liner PENCIL

Posted by DTC on August 12, 2015 at 8:25 PM

COVERMARK does it again with: Soft, High-Precision, Long-Lasting with Rich-Intense Colour!

  • Enriched with Vitamins A & E and 3 natural oils
  • Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging & Moisturising
  • Hypoallergenic & Ophthalmologically tested
LOVE the blue, can't wait to try the other colours!


Covermark Acquamax - Moisturiser

Posted by DTC on June 21, 2015 at 9:10 PM

Covermark Acquamax - 3Dimensional Hydration System

 Thanks to their ultramodern formulas, based on the Nobel-winning Aquaporines discovery, Acquamax products mimic skin’s own mechanism of hydration. Their 3-dimensional functionality ensures optimum hydrating action:

  •  On the skin surface, the hydro-lipid barrier is reinforced and reconstituted, limiting TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) to normal rate.
  • Throughout all layers of the epidermis, water retention is maximized in the spaces between the cells.
  • On cellular level, water movement through the cell membrane is enhanced, restoring water contents inside the cell.


Covermark Luminous Skin Whitening

Posted by DTC on June 12, 2015 at 4:15 AM

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Covermark Luminous Skin Whitening products. 

  1. Covermark skin whitening Luminous Tri-Actif DAY & NIGHT cream (Duo pack) 
  2. Covermark skin whitening Luminous Exfolia (gentle purifying scrub)

Covermark Luminous Cream - Tri-Actif (Day & Night Duo Pack)

For dark and heavily pigmented areas of skin Covermark Luminous Cream is the complete skin lightening, anti-wrinkle & anti-aging treatment. A cream that is lightweight, easily absorbed, and essential to complete the 24-hour skin lightening treatment. Rich formula, that secures sustained release of active ingredients into your skin during the whole night.

  • Fight hyperpigmentation and illuminate skin tone
  • Moisturise epidermis
  • Render effective anti-wrinkle action
  • Protect skin from aging
  • Tested hypoallergenic


Covermark Eliminate ANTI-REDNESS Treatment

Posted by DTC on June 12, 2015 at 4:10 AM

We are really excited to announce the arrival of our new Covermark Eliminate ANTI-REDNESS treatment products.

Based on a unique biotechnology, Covermark has created the most advanced cosmeceuticals for intensive treatment against the unsightly appearance that effects leg varicose (spider) veins, couperose & dark eye circles.



3 Different Skin Conditions - 1 Common Cause ... Micro-circulation Disturbance

Facial Spider Veins (Couperose) & Redness:

Facial redness & couperose can begin as a tendency to blush easily, progressing to persistent redness in the centre of the face (cheeks, nose, forehead) & usually develops with the appearance of small blood vessels, acne like pimples/nodules, seen on the skin surface.

Leg Varicose (Spider) Veins:

Dilated and weakened small blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin (with a red-bluish colour), gives your legs the unsightly appearance of veins, broken capillaries, redness - sometimes leading to swelling & topical discomfort.

Dark Eye Circles:

As the sensitive skin in the area around the eyes gets thinner & becomes baggy (due to gravity), the slightest micro-circulation disturbances become much more visible.  So, the appearance of dark eye circles is intensified as the tiny blood vessels dilate, get weaker - melanin deposits increase by sun exposure or genetically.

VITILIGO Help Support Information

Posted by DTC on June 2, 2014 at 1:05 AM

Covermark cover concealer makeup is working together with VAA to assist patients with vitiligo.

The VAA is a not-for-profit patient-support organisation, promoting greater awareness, friendly interaction, patient education and research.  See more at: http://vitiligo.org.au/

COVERMARK Makeup Concealment: & help raise money for Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Posted by DTC on January 14, 2014 at 12:55 AM


What if the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF-Australia) earned money everytime you searched the Internet? Now it can!

GoodSearch.com is a new Yahoo-powered search engine, with a unique SOCIAL MISSION.

Every time you use GoodSearch, money is generated to support the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation.

Just go to www.goodsearch.com & be sure to ENTER the VASCULAR BIRTHMARKS FOUNDATION as the CHARITY you want to SUPPORT. The more people who use this site, the more money we'll earn so please spread the word!

Double-Take Cover  www.doubletakecover.com.au  proudly donate to the VASCULAR BIRTHMARK FOUNDATION Australia. We provide online: COVERMARK, strong concealment Camouflage Cosmetics (waterproof, perspiration proof, 24 hour lasting makeup), specifically invented for this purpose.  The inventor Lydia O'Leary ... read more 

Want to have a Sleepover But Don't Want to be Seen Without Makeup?

Posted by DTC on September 10, 2013 at 11:15 PM

 Don’t want to be seen with a totally naked, makeup less face on that sleep-over? Maybe is it with a special someone or you don’t feel comfortable & want to be confident instead amongst others. Here are some tips:

1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

2. Shower, shampoo, cleanse & apply acne medication to your face (& do make-up) beforehand.

3. Have a great evening full of fun!

3. Prior to going to bed do the usual bedtime routine with removing-cream/ wash-cleanser, (clean teeth etc.)

4. Apply your Covermark concealer stick to any spots, blotches, under-eye circles as required to show a fresh faced, clear complexion. It is waterproof & will stay on all night into the next day, so you wake up looking gorgeous too.

5. In the morning do the usual face wash, teeth clean etc. Another dab of your favourite Covermark concealment products & you are ready, radiant & confident for the day. Covermark Concealer Stick: Go to Double-Take Cover online store.


Do You Treat Yourself to a Home Facial?

Posted by DTC on August 29, 2013 at 2:10 AM

Regular home facials are a great cost-effective way to get your winter face glowing & hydrated again. But what about your hands? They are under the ellements as much as your face, if not more...  Next time your home facial is due, how about treating your hands to the same treatment. What do you think about this idea? :)

World First Study: No Detectable Aging of the Skin after 4.5 Years

Posted by DTC on June 14, 2013 at 2:55 AM

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research QIMR study has revealed that daily use of Broad Spectrum Sunscreen slows down the ageing process of skin, as well as preventing skin cancer.

“This has been one of those beauty tips you often hear quoted, but for the first time we can back it with science: protecting yourself from skin cancer by using Broad Spectrum Sunscreen regularly has the added bonus of keeping you looking younger,” Professor Green said.

To ensure that photo-ageing, rather than chronological ageing, was the major factor in skin changes the participants were all aged under 55. They also had 24 per cent less skin ageing than people who used Sunscreen only some of the time, if at all.

The 900 young and middle-aged men and women showed that after four and a half years, those who applied Broad Spectrum Sunscreen most days had no detectable ageing of the skin.

The research, part of QIMR’s long-running Nambour Skin Cancer Prevention Trial involved half of the participants regularly using spf15+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen on their face, arms and hands and the other half using Sunscreen in their usual way, if at all.

Silicone impressions, or moulds, were taken from the backs of all participants’ hands at the start and end of the trial to grade the damage over the term of the study.

“And of course, along with seeking shade and wearing clothing cover, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a mainstay of sun protection. It prevents sunburn in the short-term and skin cancer in the long-term,’ Professor Green said.

Covermark Rayblock-Face SPF 40 has protection from UVA, UVB and IR (Infrared) radiation & provides extra-long, high-protection that soothes & moisturises skin - reinforcing the regeneration of skin cells. Also contains Vitamin C to combat free radicals, the main cause of pre-mature aging & Avocadin (anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing emollient).

Covermark Sun-Care Products


Double-Take Cover provides selected high-quality Broad Spectrum Sunscreens up to SPF 50+.

This study was led by Queensland Australian of the Year, QIMR’s Professor Adele Green, in collaboration with investigators at the University of Queensland’s School of Population Health. The study is published in the current issue of Annals of Internal Medicine and can be viewed at http/annals.org/. The research project was funded intirely by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC #92260. In a review of the publication QMIR noted some interesting facts in this Double-Take Cover blog as above.

Tattoo Cover Up

Posted by DTC on May 6, 2013 at 3:20 AM


Tattoo Cover Up: Tattoo Regret?


Covering up a tattoo is very common and the reasons are many and varied. Someone may simply no longer like the look of a tattoo, or feel it may negatively impact them at work, with family or social spheres. Therefore people go out of their way to conceal their tattoo/s.


If your tattoo is on a forearm/ hand, leg or foot, cover up clothing can make it difficult to conceal. There are a number of options to hide or remove tattoos, and there are a few things to consider.


Fade creams that are available are not cheap and can take many months to have any effect. For immediately instant results some use a camouflage make-up cream like Covermark. It has high pigment content for strong coverage and is waterproof all day, so stays on when swimming or sweating.


Tattoo fade cream can have ingredients that are unsafe, ineffective and have side effects or adverse reactions. For example abrasive ingredients that replace the tattoo with damaged skin or an ugly scar. One aspect of Covermark camouflage topical products is they are tested hypoallergenic and safe, risk free for all skin types.


Laser tattoo removal is another option some people consider. This can cost thousands of dollars (depending on the size, style, colour etc.). It is very painful, (more painful than a tattoo), and multiple appointments are usually needed.


Concealer camouflage makeup cream is cost effective, and pain free. Both men and women have come to see these benefits from Double-Take Cover products available in Australia. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars, go to multiple appointments and have severe pain to fix one error?


Other tattoo treatments include dermabrasion, skin grafts and surgical excision. Not everyone has the spare time for multiple appointments, and some people feel that surgical tattoo removal is too painful, too expensive or inconvenient.


Double-Take Cover online gives us the opportunity to enjoy Covermark products (giving instant results) and gives many people the benefits of pain free camouflage concealment, for around $50- with the convenience of not making appointments, or even leaving the house. Covermark is medically approved and recommended by dermatologists worldwide.